Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Athens Overnight Site Update

This message was received today from the principal of Clarke Middle School in Athens, GA:

I have also heard from some BRAG riders recently, so I am forwarding their concerns –
Some wanted to know if there would be shady spots for camping – the answer is yes – some areas are very well shaded. Others are more wide open (e.g., the soccer field, it it’s needed).
Some wanted to know if indoor space would be provided in the gym and hallways – as you know, the answer is yes.
Some wanted to know if the gym showers would be available – yes, there are multiple showerheads in the boys’ and girls’ lockers.
Some wanted to know if most lights could be turned out by 10 p.m., to allow for good sleeping. I am checking with our Plant Services folks to see if they can take care of this.
Some wanted to know if we could turn off the alarms for the duration – June 9th, 10th, and 11th (10 a.m.) – I am requesting via this email that they be disabled for those dates. There will be lots of people and security around the building during that time.
Speaking of security, let’s talk about how/when we need to lock exterior doors at night.
My School Resource Officer may be available to help with some security as well.

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