Monday, May 11, 2009

Email from Non-Rider and Jerry's Response

The following email was recently received at BRAG HQ. Jerry's response follows.

To whom it may conern,I just received a message from Bro. John's Luggage service (always excellent, by the way) saying the numbers were so low that they only needed a van, not a box truck, to transport luggage his year. I love BRAG, and have done several. Last year I did it with my girlfriend and the experience was amazing. BRAG is known as a family-friendly ride, and this year we don't have a family-friendly route. I won't be there, nor will many of my friends from previous rides. There are plenty of macho, ultra-challenging rides out there...this should not be one of them. PLEASE take a lesson from this and route next year in a way that will guarantee the large, family-friendly turnout BRAG is known for. Kindest Regards,

Vicki asked me to respond to your email. Thank you for your comments. I respectfully disagree with your premise.

For 30 years, BRAG has prided itself on representing and showcasing all of Georgia, including the mountains of North Georgia, the piedmont rolling hills of Middle Georgia, and the flat lands of South Georgia. We are trying very hard to keep our family-friendly atmosphere this year, even though this year's route is more challenging than most. Personally, I am looking forward to the ride. I have never met a hill I could not walk. Our rest stop at Babyland General Hospital (home of the Cabbage Patch Doll) is family friendly, as is the photo op at Edith Ann's rocking chair. And don't forget Georgia's Stonehenge stop and the Battle of Kettle Creek Revolutionary War site.

Don't tell our 116 registered riders under the age of 21 that BRAG has become a "macho, ultra-challenging" ride. Six-year-old Cherilyn will be there with her older brother, Stefan. Ten-year-old Jameson will be there, riding (or walking) every mile. And don't tell our 87 senior citizens that BRAG is too hard. While you're staying home, they will be having the time of their lives.

Sunday is the hilliest day, but it's only 50 miles. Monday is also hilly. It is 47 miles. My plan is to ride as many hills as I can, and walk the ones I can't. I figure I will still be in camp by 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

So, sit this one out if you want to. But you are missing some of the most beautiful cycling roads in all of Georgia. And some of the most beautiful scenery. Work will be there when you get back. The bike ride won't be.

One last comment and then I'll quit. If you don't support your favorite ride, it WILL go away. We've all seen this happen many times.

I hope you will reconsider. Come ride with us. And, please, share the road with bicycles.


Jerry J. Colley, CPA
Chief Executive Officer

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