Friday, May 22, 2009



Confirmation packets were mailed the week of May 11th. Hopefully, you have received yours by now and have gotten your bike tag and wristband. Bus letters were mailed the week of May 18th. Your training should be well underway and you should have some miles under your belt. The overnight towns and host schools are busy finalizing plans to make this one of the most memorable BRAG rides ever!

Hiawassee will feature the “On the Mountain” concert downtown, with BBQ, sodas and ice cream for sale.

Babyland General Hospital, the Home of the Cabbage Patch Doll, will be a rest stop on Sunday, June 7. Plan to take a tour of the hospital and see how the Cabbage Patch Doll is made. You will have the opportunity to purchase a doll for that special child in your life. Sunday’s route also stops in Alpine Helen.

Pedal fast on Monday to arrive at Habersham Central High School in Mt. Airy, GA, to be a part of the Official 30th Annual Ride Panoramic Photograph. The picture will be taken at 3:00pm on the football field. Saul Raisin, champion bicycle racer, will speak at 7:30pm on Tour de Life: From Coma to Competition.

Tuesday night in Athens features Bluegrass music at The Melting Pot. Also, Fawn Germer, author of Hard Won Wisdom, will speak on campus at 7:30pm.

Wednesday is the blessed layover day. Ride 26, 57, or 100 miles, or sleep in. All routes go to the historic Eagle Tavern in Watkinsville. Century Riders can chow down at the Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle. Wednesday night, it’s beach music at Gnat’s Landing, and Moonbase “Planetarium” in a field far away.

Thursday’s route takes us to beautiful Watson Mill State Park and historic covered bridge. We will also rest at the Georgia Guidestones. In Elberton, it’s the famous Cow Patty Drop at 6pm and the Annual BRAG Talent Show downtown at 7:30pm with music afterwards.

Friday’s route goes near Revolutionary War Kettle Creek Battlefield. It’s worth the 1 mile hike down the dirt road. Fat tire bikers, go for it!

Make sure you visit the Retro Cinema & Books during your overnight stay in Washington, GA. The Retro Cinema will be showing Breaking Away at 3:00pm and 7:30pm on Friday, June 21. You don’t want to miss this movie! Also music in downtown restaurants.

Saturday’s route is a fast 43-miler to Savannah Lakes, SC, for hamburgers and hot dogs. “Gold” medals for all kids 15 and under and 70 and older. Buses leave at 3pm for Hiawassee, Atlanta, and Athens.

BRAG 2009 will be having a new kind of FUN RAISER this year! On Sunday, June 7, at 4:00 pm, a few brave BRAG volunteers will be demonstrating our new FUN activities such as: Tug-of-War, Tire Toss, Chunk-a-Clunk, Water Bottle Relay and Bike Limbo. The contests will begin on Monday at 4:00 and every day thereafter. Come prepared to get down, dirty, or wet.

That’s the FUN part. Now here’s the Raiser part:
$1 to participate each time and ALL collected money will be donated to Special Olympics Georgia! You can participate as many times as you want. Each contest will award prizes to three winners (or one team) each day who have donated money to SOGA. (Tug-of-War and Water Bottle Relay are team activities.)

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  1. LOVE having the itinerary in advance, thanks!

    Anyone know about the coordinates for the Geocache thing? I know I didn't spell that right, or address it correctly....obviously, I'm not very knowledgeable about it.